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Spot of tea?

Sometimes when you've worked yourself into a tizzy over the demands of work and life, the best thing you can do is have a nice cup of tea. And by tea, I mean T.E.A., a self-reflection process that can help you slow down and choose an intentional path forward.

To turn tea leaves into a tasty drink, you need hot water, a filter, and time. T.E.A, similarly, is a distillation process to help you sift through your thoughts, emotions, and potential actions.

When you sense yourself spinning, grab a journal and work through the following steps:

1. Thoughts: Some thoughts are helpful, and some aren’t. Some are accurate, and some are partial truths at best. Briefly jot down your racing thoughts and ruminations. Ask yourself: Which thoughts do I want to foster and which aren't doing me much good?

2. Emotions: Feelings give us essential information but can also add to the overwhelm. Reflect on your feelings with a sense of curiosity and self-compassion. Ask yourself: What emotions are present, and what might they be trying to teach me?

3. Actions: Consider one or two actions you could take to alleviate the pressure. Ask yourself: Given these thoughts and emotions, what is within my control to change? How can I move forward in some small but meaningful way?

Of course, this works best with an actual cup of tea. So, get off that rocking chair and put on the kettle.


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