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Get off your butt and rest?

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

I took a five-year break from social media, only recently getting back online as I prepared to launch MindFrame. One of the things that struck me most is that while social media used to primarily serve up photos and ads, now it dishes out advice. Lots and lots and lots of advice. And it’s really confusing stuff. Within minutes, I’ll see one post reminding me to SHOOT FOR THE STARS and the next will tell me to STOP GLORIFYING BUSY. As a lifelong quote collector, I’ve noticed the same trend about wise words that resonate with me over the years. Pithy advice is often contradictory. In my own Instagram feed, I recently posted the following two quotes: “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” “The difficult I’ll do right now. The impossible will take awhile.” Hmmm… I think there is an obvious reason for the inconsistency: life is about modulation and moderation. We can’t live too long at one end of the spectrum and expect sustainable results. But, I think a more nuanced answer is that the wisdom you need depends on what you are experiencing in the moment. Let’s take inertia for example. If you are feeling unmotivated, it may be helpful to examine how you are feeling before considering a path forward.

The guidance you need depends on the root cause.

  • Fear – You may need to examine your limiting beliefs to get the courage to move forward with confidence.

  • Boredom – Momentum can only be created with energy. You may need to start on something small yet appealing until your drive kicks back in.

  • Incompetence – Yes, sometimes it’s imposter syndrome, but sometimes it’s a real lack of skills. Consider what investments you need to make in skill-building to help you feel ready to take on the next challenge.

  • Exhaustion – If you are trying to drive forward with no fuel in the tank, it’s time to take a break, my friend. Focus on sleep, exercise, and mindfulness. Your energy will kick back in when your basic needs are met.

Whether you are getting advice from the internet or a trusted advisor, it’s always a good idea to ask yourself: Is this the right advice for me right now?


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