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Time to get to work

What are you working on today that will contribute towards the person you want to become?⁠ Studies show that quantity trumps quality when it comes to developing a skill. The person who takes one photograph every day for a year will capture more beautiful ones at year-end than the person who waits for conditions to be perfect. ⁠Why? Because we learn from what doesn't work.

And, of course, more frequent practice builds the neural pathways necessary to form habits.

Ready to get to work?

  1. Claim your identity. (Who do you want to become, and why is it important?)⁠

  2. Create time for it. (How will you prioritize it?)

  3. Develop tolerance for imperfection in the pursuit of progress. (How will you be gentle to yourself as you learn?)

When your resolve weakens, it's time to return to step one and repeat!


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